"Quick-Campus provides a cost-neutral, instant, and rapidly-deployable school solution to let you jump over the competition and stay AHEAD."

Quick-Campus, when you simply need to go online

Now, every school can afford to quickly GO ONLINE.

Since 2003, Datapacific Corporation has been automating large colleges and univeristies in the Philippines. However, we recognize that some schools simply want to automate their enrollment or go online, and do not need the entire ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) School Management System deployment. Other schools want to automate just the basic operation, while maintaining the option to incorporate other features and modules later.

With Quick-Campus, Datapacific is bringing the basic subset of Campus++ Integrated School Management System to all levels in the education sector while maintaining the option to deploy other modules as you go. It provides instant and rapidly-deployable school service in cloud-based (hosted in servers in world-class H.K. and U.S.-based datacenters) Linux clusters subscription model designed to keep both your initial and subscriptions costs low.

The basic academic package allows you to quickly go online at a minimal subscription cost. You also get up to two (2) years 100% REBATE GUARANTEE when you are ready to move to our most integrated and most complete campus solution today (Campus++ or Campus-SAT). You can even move up to Campus-Lite full ERP subcription model seamlessly (no re-migration) and get a rebate on your set-up fee.

Since the monthly pricing model is based on the number of students currently enrolled, Quick-Campus is an ideal campus solution for small schools who do not wish to spend resources on expensive and large-scale IT projects. There is no large investment to make and no minimum long term contract to fulfill.

Solution Roadmap


  • Get the basics quickly running:

    • Admission Support Module (with scholarship)
    • Student Information (Registrar and Guidance) Module
    • Enrollment Support Module (with class scheduling and faculty loading)
    • Accounts Receivable (& Cashiering) Module
    • Student Performance (Grade Book) Module


  • Then, immediately go online:Quick-Campus-Step02.png

    • Students & Parents Portal Support Module for online payments, grades viewing, online enrollment, etc.
    • EDU-PH free website hosting


  • Add modules as you go:Quick-Campus-Step03.png

  • Campus Operation & Ancillary Services

    • Marketing Analysis Support Module
    • Student Service (& Faculty Evaluation) Module
    • Library Support Module
    • Laboratory Support Module
    • Student Health (Medical & Dental) Module
  • Campus-Retail

    • Canteen and Bookstore POS
    • Campus-Wallet Smart Card technology
    • Parents Portal components
  • Accounting Services

    • General Ledger Module
    • Accounts Payable Module
    • Cash Management Module
  • Human Resource Services

    • Personnel Information Module
    • Employee Medical Benefits Module
    • Timekeeping & Personnel Tracking Module
    • Bundy Clock Integration
  • Payroll Services

    • Payroll Support Module
    • Staff Advances & Loans Module
  • Corporate Services

    • Purchasing Support Module
    • Supplies and Materials Inventory
    • Asset Management Module
  • On Pilot for 2013 - 2014 Release

    • Fetcher's Gate Control Module
    • Instructional Media Services Module
    • e-Checker (PC-less classroom ID reader)
    • Auxiliary Services Job Control Module
    • Montessori Training Materials Management


  • Move up to a fully integrated package:Quick-Campus-Step04.png

    • 2 years 100% subscription rebate on Campus++ or Campus-SAT
    • 100% rebate of set-up fee on Campus-Lite
    • Move up seamlessly